A new day

You know one thing I have realized in my life is that my life goes in phases, I have gone through things like being homeless,abandoned and even talked about. But I have gone through those things with just God and me.

I am right now engaged to be married to a wonderful man, the man that I have prayed for and God has blessed me with. In the start of our relationship, I doubted him, I thought that he was going to be like every other man that hurt me. But this man was different, he constantly showed me that he was the man for me. As we have continued to grow closer, I have started to realize that the past men that hurt me is not the man I’m with.

Now that we are engaged, I have to start replacing “I” with “we” and that has been deep. I feel that as I get closer to my future husband. It’s a new day, a new independence that I am excited to feel. I’m moving forward with my husband.

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