My life

Well today is a new day and I’m glad that I’m here. In the midst of everything that has been happening I’ve come to a epiphany. My life has been interesting, I have been blessed to love and be loved. In the city of Akron where I always rep, I was talked about and since I was a plus size chocolate girl and wore glasses. I always felt I was at a disadvantage, I always wanted to be slim, and a little bit lighter than I am.

But even though I was told by my mother that I am beautiful and was worth so much. I constantly believed that I was worthless. But as I got a little older and hit my 20s, my self-esteem still was low. I made countless bad choices and had to truly grow up. I needed to be more than my choices, I needed to do better but how would I?

In my life I have endured ups and downs but in the middle of all that I have learned. I started making better choices and learning to love God and myself. My life has been a adventure and I’m loving where I am.

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