Casting my net

Hey! Well here it is a new day and I am reminded on different choices that I have made, My mother used to always say that she wanted me to make better choices, she wanted me to be better than her. As I kid I didn’t understand that, I thought that my mom was all that and a bag of chips( sour cream and onion) that was my favorite as a kid.

But as I got older I started to understand that every generation should go further than the previous generation. I hope that one day when I have children that they go further than me. So the saga must continue.

So in order to go further I have had to make better decisions and to put myself into a better situation. Education was always important but now with Education I needed to have more knowledge and savvy to put me in a different position. I’m casting my net more now and it’s uncomfortable but necessary…what are you doing?

FYI …insanity is doing the same thing hoping for a different result.

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