Hey fam! I hope you are being encouraged by this blog. I’m just sharing my thoughts and experiences but its my prayer that you can see where u got it wrong so that you can get it right long before I did.

Well in my life, I have always thought of myself as a behind the scenes kind of woman, and even when God put me up front a couple of times I still did what I needed to but then went back to being a backstage woman.

So, as I said before I am stepping out of my comfort zone. So in that I have been very uncomfortable but I’m continuing to step out. This year a organization I am with has put me in a leadership role and at first I wanted to runaway from that. When you are a leader you must set the tone for how you want things to go.

So, In my daily life I am sweet,kind all those things and don’t get me wrong as a leader I’m still that way but I’m learning to be a little more aggressive. I’m learning to be better as I mature. Sometimes as a leader you must have the right atmosphere for your group. Always know that you can get better and transform no matter what phase of life you are in

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