Different mindset

Hey everyone! Today has been a great day thus far, and I’m grateful to be apart of it. This past weekend I have thought about somethings, I want to change somethings. I want to step out. One thing I know I talked about on another blog was I’m trying to do something new. I have realized that I want to be a blessing to others. I feel that my experiences can show someone else what I did so they can make better choices.

As I get older, I have seen things people have done, and it shows me what to do or what not to do. I hope and pray you learn from me, and know that you can ask me about my experiences.

I am a only child, a black child, I feel very deeply for others and at times that had made me learn lessons that not everyone cares about me but I can only change what I put out there. I can’t repay evil with evil. I must be the light in every situation. I have had issues of abandonment, but also know that who is meant to be in your life will always stay. My question to you is What are you sowing? Are you a blessing or a lesson

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  1. I can relate with having feelings of abandonment. It gives you anxiety and is triggered by the smallest events like an argument with a boyfriend. What helped me a lot to get through those feelings was SGI Buddhism. I was able to be aware of my feelings and cope better.

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