Still learning

As I continue to step out and do this blog. I see that there are things I’m still learning, and some of the things I have told you makes me glad that I’ve come to a new point in my life. I’m sure you guys wonder why I call this blog this name. But I always felt that growing up my life was a little rainy, but there was always sunshine that came out of it. This title was something that I told my mommy at the age of 12, that I wanted to name my book. Here we are years and years later and that title has continued to resonate with me.

Here I am in my mid thirties and I have seen and experienced somethings that I never thought I would. I heard a saying that “If you want to hear God laugh tell him what you’ve got planned”.

Well God has definitely laughed a little in my life. But even as I said, I lost both parents, toxic people and came face to face with a few scary events. In the midst of it all, I had to make a decision that I wasn’t going to give up. My mom told me “God wants me to prosper and be in good health”. Every situation God blessed me to go through was leading me to this point. It’s important to stay encouraged through it all. I cried at times, and questioned myself but it worked out. You will make it!

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