Food for thought

Today! Well today started off with a bang! I usually listen in on a call with a CEO that truly wants people to live their best lives. He gives tips and tells us what he did to make six figures. In my life, I was always taught if I work hard I can have anything I want. My mommy always told me that. I see that now I will need to be uncomfortable and I need to do things differently. I believe a certain amount of work is essential but I don’t have to grovel.

My mom told me God wants me to prosper and be in good health. In order to truly acknowledge and believe that, I must realize that I need to walk in the plan God has for me. Everyone has a purpose and a destiny so I must constantly submit to God and make sure I’m on one accord with God.

So, on today the thought came out that money has even classified as being bad, but the love of money is what isn’t good. We can’t put anything above our relationship with God. I hope you realize this and know that God wants you to live well. He also wants your fruit to show that. What fruit are you showing?

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