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Well it’s the beginning of a new day and a new month and I feel glad that I’m here to see it. So, as I write to you in the midst of the saga called my life . I hope you know that I’m not perfect, I’m a imperfect person but even though I’m not perfect, I’m still Renea.

I have been the villain in someone’s life, just like I’ve been a blessing in someone else’s life. I just hope that I’ve been a blessing more than a villain. I think as I have gotten older I see the importance of watching what words are spoken, but I also don’t let things fester in me before I say something. But I am a work in progress, I want to continue to be transformed and transparent with you as I’m on my journey. As a kid I was quick to always think something was always wrong with me. Even though my mom told me of my worth and I knew she loved me. I started to believe what the kids said about me, that I was ugly, big boned and that I had nothing to offer.

Little did I know that even in my adult life those words would still impact me. But something else happened too…I remembered the words of my mom. That I’m beautiful, and also what God says about me. He loves me in spite of…don’t get me wrong I still have my days where I feel like that little girl, but then I realize that I’m a beautiful imperfect woman. I hope you know your truth and that you are a wonderful person. Stay shining!

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  1. Wow Renea. Such encouraging words. I find myself within my own mind as I read what you wrote. It’s hard when others negatively affect your true beauty. That which you see of you clouded by the negative emotions which arise at the thought of them. But you are oh so beautiful. I love your spirit and the energy you bring. You radiate love. Keep shining Beautiful!!!!

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