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Here I am you guys! It’s a new day and yesterday I talked about somethings pertaining to my past. I have thought about the past which is something that can be hard because it’s when the ugly truth is revealed. I can admit that in the past, I have hurt people, and even used some people. I have been immature and didn’t know how to recieve true people who just wanted the best for me.

But one thing about the past, is you can look at it and critize yourself and damage yourself or you can critize yourself and do better. A dream without goals is just a dream and it fuels disappointment. Write the vision and make it plain. Nothing is overnight but it does take dedication and passion to be determined to do something new.

So, my goal to be a better woman , certain things like immaturity, feeling worthless, and being more understanding I had to either tweak or get rid of. But for real, as I have gotten older I have let go of being immature, I don’t like immaturity and when I see it I immediately react negatively and I want to separate from it.

Each day I have to decide to be a better woman. One of my prayers is for God to be glorified in me. I’m still me…but I’m continuing to be a work in progress. What’s your truth?

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2 thoughts on “Always me

  1. My biggest trials have always been insecurity and fear. Having dealt with childhood trauma then an abusive spouse it had taken years to confront those demons and trust that God has my back. He is always the way and truth and letting go of my own thoughts is difficult.
    I love you truth and really appreciate your writing.

    1. I’m so glad that you were blessed by the blog….it blesses me that it blessed you. You are a wonderful woman and I appreciate you

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