Mother’s Day

Well here it is, it’s Mother’s Day and for many years I was excited because I had things planned for my mommy and I. We would always go to church, and then I would take her out to dinner. I always wanted to give my mom her flowers while she could still smell them. On Mother’s day 2000, well in 2000 Mother’s day fell on May 13,2000. My mom graduated from college and then it took on a different meaning for us.

Every year, I would mention how proud I was of her and that she was the best mom ever. Seven years later, I had planned for her to come down to my school to see me and for us to enjoy each other. She never arrived. A day later I got a call from my cousin who is more like a sister who told me my mom was gone. She was found in her apartment, so from that day on Mother’s day was never the same.

Here we are its 2021 and I still miss my mommy. As I get ready to get married this week and I’m excited to start the next chapter with my fiancée. But today I got up and was thinking of my mom but for the first time in a long time, I have joy and not pain. My mommy was a blessing and even though she’s not here she is still in me. My mom constantly wanted me to be better than her. So, on the week of my upcoming nuptials I’m feeling happy, but glad that my mom put hard work, encouraging and positive things and thoughts in me. I hope that I continue to make her proud and that I follow in her footsteps.

In the season of life I’m in now, i feel free and my heart goes out to people who aren’t close with their mothers. But I hope that they move forward and not take those feelings to other relationships. I want you to fly high and make better choices so you can heal. Choose healing today

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  1. Your beautiful words are felt in the soul. I am so very happy you have embraced the healing and carry your mother with you always. Happy Mother’s Day to your mom. No doubt she is with you today, tomorrow, and always.

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