New life…

Well it’s the biggest week of my life…in a few days I will finally start the next chapter with my love. In order to tell you a piece about my past with let me tell you how we came to be. My life when it came to the opposite sex, was interesting. I spent many years trying to find out who I was and thinking about if a plus one was in store for me. Well, I know that I have written a little bit about my mom, but not so much about my dad. My life started off with two parents, but by the time I was three it went down to one.

So, even when my dad wasn’t in my life and those other times where he was in and out of my life, I had wondered if their was a opposite to the abandonment I felt. So, as a adult I went through a string of meaningless relationships and felt that I would never have a meaningful relationship. So, when I met in a truly unorthodox way, via online. I constantly questioned everything he said, I doubted in my mind that he was for real. My emotional walls were up, to the point I didn’t want to have any feelings towards him.

Everyday that I would talk to him, my wall would be up but then he did something I didn’t know was possible. He constantly reassured me and would also be a man of his word which was something I never dealt with. Two years we have been together and have gone through things in our lives that could have split us up but we have found solace in God and each other.

So, two years later he proposed and we are 2 days away from saying I do…I find myself completely happy and just feeling so blessed. I have finally been blessed with the man of my dreams. He is my ❤!

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  1. I am beyond happy for this blessing of happiness and love you have found in your life. I pray your marriage is full of love, trust, honesty, and communication. I pray you both lean into God and one another and never forget the love you share. Congratulations! May your day be absolutely beautiful ❤️

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