Life as I know it

Well fam today has been a great day thus far. In the course of my day so many things go through my mind. Things about life, making moves and where I see myself now in comparison to the past. In my life I have truly loved, been loved and hurt beyond compare. I am now in the stage of life of being loved and not just for what I can do for the person but for who I am. That is the best kind of love their is. But in order for you to know about my present, you should know about my past.

Back in the day as a little girl, I was always told by my mommy that I was beautiful and special. My nickname with my mom was shining star. But at school I had the awful names of ugly, gorilla and roach. The words used by my classmates started to override my mommy’s words. The words followed me into my adult life. I know you wonder well Renea did you ever change those words and adopt your own…I will say yes but it took years.

When I graduated from college and I was so excited. My life was just starting and I was moving away to new surroundings. I started knowing that who I am is more than my appearance. I am a beautiful woman and God has said that he made me in his image and God doesn’t make any junk. So as I’m here in my thirties I can truly say that those experiences were tough but I now know who i am. It’s a blessing to love and be loved. I hope you love yourself. I’m still finding new things about myself.

I want you to continue to grow in your life. Don’t listen to the ugly words people say to you. Believe what God says and if you don’t know then please hit me up and we will talk. Be blessed fam!

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2 thoughts on “Life as I know it

  1. I know exactly what that childhood pain and name calling does. I was also called names and it really took a toll on me. It takes years to heal as you mentioned.
    I believe your words of encouragement can really lift those who are currently in the midst of that pain.

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