Where did that come from.

Hey fam! I wonder if you are thinking why did I name this blog this name…here’s the juice. I remember having an assignment for class when I was in the 8th grade. My teacher Mrs. Jackson told us to write out a timeline for things we want to do. So upon telling my mommy, she told me to go all out for this. We got a huge poster board and I put where I wanted to go to high school, college and even one day I was gonna write a book and have one of my favorite directors Steven Spielberg direct it..FYI I love Indiana Jones.

So, I aced the assignment but I was looking for a title of a book when one day God gave it to me. In my life I have endured so much rain, but everytime it had rained in m y life a blessing, sunshine has come out. I told my mom, that’s what I want to call my book, Into the sunshine from out of the rain is a ministry that I feel compelled to bless others. There will be times in life that you may feel very overwhelmed and wonder if things will get better but they will.

I know that sunshine is wonderful and beautiful. But it means more after the rain has happened. Embrace the rain because when the sunshine happens you really don’t take it for granted. In any season of life be content, the best is yet to come! Stay encouraged!

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  1. Hi Renea, that really is a beautiful message! I always wanted to write a book too, and I started blogging because I read somewhere that if you write every day it helps prepare you for a book! I wish you all the best in following your dreams 🙂

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