Hey fam! How’s your day going? Well today is a chill day for me…I got up and made hubby and I pancakes with vegan chocolate chips and walnuts in it…he is still knocked out and I’m sitting here pondering. Today is memorial day and people who made the ultimate sacrifice are being acknowledged on today, but for me even though I commend those who did that and also served our country; Today is a different anniversary for me…wanna guess what it is???

Well, drum roll please…..May 31, 2003 which fell on a Saturday and I was a lot younger then and I was so excited for my senior prom!! Its my Promiversary! I know I’m telling my age a little bit here but hey its a blessing to be this beats the alternative ijs. But looking back on my prom it was a great day. I got up that morning and got my hair done, now the lady that did my nails kinda hurt me, and it took longer than I thought. My makeup was done, and I went to my Aunties to get dressed and take pictures.

So, no I didn’t have a limo but my mommy had just gotten a Suv so she drove us in our new car. So, we were rushing to get to my high school where they did this ceremony called Grand March, they announced you and people applauded you. It was specifically for Prom. My best friend and I went together and we met up with our other friend Jolena at school. You guys we had a police escort to the venue for prom! I danced and danced till my feet hurt and then we all danced our final dance in a circle with each other. I realized that my high school experience was almost over, I was sad but excited since a new chapter was coming. I also was about to be an adult!

It seems like every year, I get a little nostalgic…do you? I’m so grateful for growth and yes my bestie that I went to Prom with is still my bestie. She was with me when I got married just to let you know…So, in the years that has followed their has been alot of growth in my life. Never get stagnant in your development…stay moving! Keep growing..

FYI always know that is in front of you is better than what’s behind you. It’s cool to look back at times but move forward fam!

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