Why am I here?

Heyy fam! Well here I am writing to you,  sharing a little bit about me and trying to be a blessing at the same time. So, today I was wondering why I’m here…why I’m doing this blog. So in order to understand my why you gotta know my past. So, I guess you can say I’m an onion( I got layers).

So, one of the things I’ve always loved to do is sing. As a kid, you couldn’t shut me up. I loved singing, but since I was in the house with a phenomenal singer aka my mommy. It’s kinda not surprising that it’s one my passions. But another part of my onion is my writing. I always felt that writing was fun, healing and in a world that is always trying to get my attention; When I write I feel the world gets quiet and I’m able to write how I truly feel.

So, I wrote in my journals in middle school, high school ,college etc. In fact I’m still writing in my journal when something hits me , I don’t write in my journal daily like I used to. So, in the midst of my life, going to college, working here I am back at it. Why do you ask?

Even though I love to write, I never thought about doing it primarily, I thought about it for something to do when I retired or just a hobby. Now I want to do it all the time, when I started this blog I wanted people to get to know me. I don’t proclaim to know everything but what I do know I want to share. I want the decisions I made to bless someone else. So, yes I will still write my book and I want you and everyone to be blessed by it. This blog is a step for me to get out my comfort zone. I hope this blesses you.

In a world where people sometimes only look out for themselves and just try to make it from one day to the next. I’m choosing to look out for others and to show that you can do better than me. Be blessed!

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I'm a writer, encourager and a friend. I write about my reality and my growth.

2 thoughts on “Why am I here?

  1. Thanks so much for sharing. Believe it or not, my wife writes and at times stops…lol, she has a blog as well. And there was a book which I think will be a big blessing to everyone person who reads it…especially women. Continue to walk in your calling, there may be delays, but you must complete and finish the story.
    Praying for you as u bless the nation


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