New beginnings

Hey fam! I hope everyone is having a wonderful fantabulous day! Well it’s Terrific Tuesday and I have some juice to tell you. So, the new experience I was telling you about….its here! So I am going to be using this platform to write about a man that has been sent on this earth to be a blessing and is flowing in his calling.

This blog for me is about knowing that even though you have been through things that were tough you can still rise above it and continue to dominate. That’s what I hope you receive as you read these thoughts.

So, Antonio T. Smith Jr whom I have been blessed to get to know and talk to is whom we will learn about. Antonio is a man who believes that everything is perfect and that we need to redefine what perfect is…has anyone ever felt that way??

Antonio always knew that he would be successful, but his life as a child was not all roses. But one thing to know is that no matter where you come from, your situation, it is not final. You can choose to rise above and be more than what people say, because at the end of the day no one’s approval matters. It’s only what God says or whatever Supreme being you believe in says that matters. But food for thought, what does perfect mean to you?

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