Hey fam! I hope everyone is doing great! great and I had a thought this morning about trials and tribulations. I have mentioned that even though certain things don’t feel good, but they are necessary. I am always grateful for growth. The great thing about life is you get to grow not just physically but mentally, I will also say spiritually. I hope that you don’t spend your entire life not growing.

Life is a blessing! So, in knowing that life is a blessing, is it still a blessing when you are in tribulation? Only you can answer that…Yesterday I started talking about Mr. Smith so let’s dive in a little more.

Mr,Smith’s life was not peaches and fact he would describe himself” I am a kid from the trash can that came to save the world “. Antonio’s parents were in a terrible ordeal and that led to Antonio not having a place to stay. But even though, he was homeless, he knew that he would be successful. But, Antonio was homeless from the ages of 6 to 15 years old. But progression in Antonio’s life was powerful, he was determined to be successful so he could be a blessing to others. So, when your back is against the wall what do you do???

Antonio aka Mr. Smith always feels that it is our job as people to usher in positivity. People have a roll to play, we can all eliminate starvation, and usher in world peace. So, what are you contributing to this world?

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