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Hey fam! Today has been a chill day. But in the midst of getting my husband ready, and juggling different things it occurred to me..Am I really ready for this? I’m a wife now and I’m really blessed and excited to be a wife. I have prayed to have a man like him and here he is. So, in the process of becoming one do you just wonder how to do it?

My husband and I are relationship has been great, and we have gone through things that many couples might not have been able to go through. We have been in car accidents, hospital visits and even relocation. But here we are a month in our marriage, and I can’t help but wonder am I still me or is it now just us.

One thing I know is that I’m still Renea, but now I’m also a wife. Juggling getting business done and helping my husband while making sure the house work gets done are apart of my reality. Even though I want to be a little selfish, I know that I can’t and must continue to do right by my hubby..

In this season of my life, I will continue to grow in my new chapter and love on myself, and my hubby. I’m still learning fam…I’m gonna get better, will you?

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