Hey fam! Today I was around the house, and I was thinking about love. Not the love of a spouse, or family member but what is love? Do we really know what it means..did someone show us? What is love?

Love- a intense feeling of deep affection. That’s the standard definition, but In order understand it. We must know how that looks.. Love is an action word, like when someone says “Let me know you made it home”, or ” I saw this and thought of you” are a few examples.

I feel that when you choose to love others, you allow yourself to truly allow yourself to be a blessing, and you bring blessings to yourself. I not only love my husband, but I love myself. I don’t choose hate. Hate is too strong of a negative emotion that I don’t want any part of. I love “love” , helping others, lending an ear if they need it, or even making someone laugh..I love hearing people laugh. But how do you show love 💘?

People over the course of my life have told me hurtful things, some attacked me with shame and anguish. But the best people I know they encouraged me, loved on me and told me that things were perfect and I have everything I need. I hope you have people that have been your cheerleader, but if not then email me and I got your back. Choose love and forgiveness

You can’t fly high with a bunch of things wearing you down”

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