Big day!

Hey fam!! Well today is truly a wonderful day! I’m feeling just happy and I’m reflecting on my life. Fam today is my birthday! I am so super excited and it seems like everytime my birthday comes up, I get nostalgic…am I the only one that gets that way??

In the past year, I have learned alot about myself. In a year I have moved to a new state, new job, got married and I’m stepping out into a new venture aka this blog. I constantly wanted to do something with my writing but didn’t think I had the time, or if i was good enough. But a friend of mine said for me to cast my net, so I did… This experience of writing this blog has been great and I have really enjoyed it.

Years ago, when I was younger I used to say I want to be a singer like Whitney Houston, and now I’m like I want to bless others with my story. I have overcome situations that should have killed me physically and mentally. But in the midst of it all I had one thing. Faith…I knew that things would get better…and eventually they did.

This day has been great thus far, and I’m so glad that I never gave up on myself. I know that I have barely scratched the surface of my calling. On this day and always, I will continue to step out and fulfill my calling. I hope and pray that you will too! I have faith in you!

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