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Hey fam!I hope everyone is doing well today….One thing that I’ve learned is that there is someone out there that wants what you already have. I feel it’s important to be grateful for everything you have. I can say their has been times for me when life humbled me. In a period of my life, I was homeless but even in adversity, blessing can come and it will change your life forever.

In life sometimes hard things happen but in the midst of it,something positive always comes out. This blog name is proof that even in rainy weather, the sun will always shine. So, in Antonio’s life we will talk about some sunshine…

Antonio, even though he was a little kid living in a trash can and having to use his “street smart” to be able to survive. When you are on the street it’s survival of the fittest and by any means necessary are common terms and ways of life. But, in adversity comes blessings.

While Antonio was fifteen years old, here comes his grandmother and his aunt. They found out about the situation Antonio was in…When Antonio spent the night, they decided on next steps…So, the little boy who was all about survival, and had to grow up earlier than most; He was blessed with the ultimate prize. He was adopted…but was it what he wanted??

Since his father was incarcerated, and his mother was just absent both parents were our of the picture. But when you are so used to survival, can you really handle love…Antonio said that he was indifferent on him getting adopted. He had become accustomed to being tough, guarded, shielded. But he knew his life would be better. However it’s still a culture shock.

Fear-unpleasant emotion, caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous…a threat.

Antonio, felt that he couldn’t get his hopes up, that people always left him…Have you ever felt that way?

Its important to know that even in tough times, their are people that are genuine and really do care about you. Free yourself to be loved by others, and love freely without guilt.

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  1. I agree, it is very important to be grateful for everything that we have. It can be hard to open up to love, but when it’s there for us, one of the best things we can do is open up our arms to it and appreciate it but I understand that this can be very tough to do.

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