Successful Sunday

Hey fam! Well I’m so glad that’s its still the weekend and here I am on the dawn of a new week. I’m still a work in progress and on today I learned something that I wanted to share.

Some of you know but some of you don’t know that my husband is partially paralyzed. I spend time making sure he’s good, and then focusing on myself. As I try to pour into him, encourage him and myself as well as others. Sometimes I get tired, am i alone?

When we got married, we always said it’s us against the world. But at times, I feel wooo overwhelmed by everything. So, today at church I learned something. Wanna know what it is??? I learned that I need to have more grace…Grace- do honor or credit to, courteous goodwill.

On the day we got married, we exchanged vows and I knew that those vows were deep, and meaningful. So, I believe that continuing to show more grace towards my husband and following his lead will bless us to be the couple we are meant to be. How have you shown grace?

So, on this Successful Sunday I’m grateful for more grace, and knowing that the best is yet to come.

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  1. Thank you so much for this post! It’s such a great reminder that we’ve received so much more grace than we deserve, which we should turn around and pour out on others as we can, too.

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