Hey fam! Wow what a day thus far! I’ve had a good day tho, so our neighbor upstairs had a water leak and it flooded both of our bathrooms! My husband and I just laughed and the maintenance Men vacuumed up the water. I got it cleaned up, but our carpet is a little damp but I’m glad that’s over! Sheesh!!

But, on last night my hubby (it feels great saying that) heehee. He delivered a keynote, he spoke on his story and things that he went through. That got me to thinking about doing a keynote myself. It’s funny writing and having a blog . I always thought I was more of a background person. I love to help others, support them and be a blessing. Don’t get me wrong I still want to be all of those things. It’s just now I’m wanting to focus on being that for myself. So, stepping out is very uncomfortable, I feel a lot of discomfort. Have you ever felt that way??

So, now I’m seeing different things I want to do. I will be sharing with you guys, different videos my husband and I are doing, chronicles of our relationship. Do you want to see it? Let me know.

Stepping out is deep fam, but I welcome the discomfort so I can get where I want to be…I desire to help others, and to build a business for myself and my family. I’m putting myself out there. So, are you putting yourself out there?

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