Experience has taught me well

Hey fam! Well it’s Terrific Tuesday and I’ve got so many thoughts bouncing around in my head. When I sit down and write the world gets quiet and I just pour out. Does anyone feel that way?? I’ve been writing since forever, and I love it. I feel free,and I feel love when I do it. So, today while doing my widely duties, making sure I get the housework done, making my hubby breakfast and getting those tasks done I thought about something.

When I was single, I remembered wanting to have a plus one. I wondered if I was ever going to meet a man that was going to be a blessing to me, that was gonna add to my life and not take away from me. Experience taught me that their had to be an opposite. I have been hurt, and was hoping that a man would be different but he showed me he was the same as every man I had encountered.

The title of this blog, I named it this because I have had plenty of rainy days, some days that I cried and wanted my life to be over. But, in every rainy day the sun will always shine. I have been in some tough places, but one thing experience has taught me is that I make a choice with how I let it affect me.

I’ve had to make a choice to be happy, is my life perfect? At times it is, other times it’s not. But, I choose happiness. My life is good, and the sunshine is here to stay.

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6 thoughts on “Experience has taught me well

  1. Love this!! It’s so important to remember that we choose our happiness instead of waiting for life to be “perfect.”

  2. You are spot on! Blessings come carrying some elements that we will not fully enjoy, but some parts may help us grow. Work is a blessing, but someone has to wake up early. Lol! Marriage is a blessing, but it requires compromise, considering the other person, and becoming a better human being. Oh, your post is good! Such a great reminder to look for that light even on a dim day.

    1. Thanks so much for commenting! But that’s why my blog is called this because rain is what is necessary to grow but even in rain, it doesn’t last. The sun will always shine.

  3. glad you were able to have your plus one! hoping for me too… I can relate to you when it comes to writing it just feels good and yes some days we experience rainy days in our lives. Enjoyed reading 🙂

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