Still in Love

Hey fam! Well, we made it! It’s Sunday! This week has been a busy busy week. Hubby started physical therapy, and I’ve been doing alot of driving. But, for you guys that are new, my husband is partially paralyzed. He was in a car accident but was able to walk, but then in 2019 he got hit by a car while he was in his wheelchair.

Us on vacation in 2020

When we met we lived in two different states, and had to overcome so many obstacles. We made it through car accidents, I had a bad accident in February 2019 and I walked out of it with no broken bones or anything. My car on the other hand was totaled. In adversity you really see who truly has your back and who doesn’t. He never left me, he saw a future with me before I saw a future with him.

Our love story, took another hit when I finally moved to where he was and then the pandemic hit. He was in the nursing home since his accident was really bad. We didn’t see each other for months until he came home June 2020


In the midst of the pandemic, we constantly had to reassure each other that we was gonna make it. We pushed through all the adversity and made it. Love is an emotion but every day I make a decision to love him in spite of. He’s the man of my dreams.

I hope you get to experience this and if you haven’t yet then know that it will. Enjoy your time as a single person and then when you are married it will only build and be better. Stay encouraged fam!

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  1. True and deep love ❤️ what a beautiful love story. You both have been through so much in such a short period of time.

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