My turning point

Heyyy fam! Well I’m grateful that today is Win Wednesday! Today has been a action packed day, and I’m grateful that I get to relax. This morning I had one of those truly amazing conversations that really blessed me. Have you ever had a conversation like that?

We were talking about the turning point in our lives. For you guys that don’t know, I’m an only child. My turning point in my life happened when I was 21, and I was on the verge of turning 22. I was a Sophomore in College, a Psychology major and I was enjoying my quarter at my now Alma mater.

Mother’s Day was coming up, and my mommy and I were talking about our plans for the month. We debated on if I was gonna come home for mother’s day and mommy come down for memorial day. Then we decided that she would come to see me for Mother’s day and I would come home for Memorial day .

The weekend of Mother’s Day was great! I was ready for my mom to come, and the day that she was supposed to come, she didn’t come. I called and no answer. I knew she was coming. She did have car trouble the last time she came so i assumed everything was fine.

On that Monday, I got a call from my cuzzo that my life would never be the same. My mother, my friend, my roll dawg was gone. Just like that the only world I knew was gone.

My life that summer changed my life . It was awful! I was homeless for awhile then had a acquaintance end up being the friend I needed then and now. I’ve always been sweet, kind, but I saw things in that year that I can never go back to being the same woman I was.

When was your turning point? I’ve learned that everyday we constantly change and we must so we can be who we are meant to be. My rainy days did not and I repeat did not feel good, but it worked out for my good. Always know that where you are isn’t where you will always stay. Stay encouraged !

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10 thoughts on “My turning point

  1. Your positivity through the hard times is moving. I’ve had so many turning points but I haven’t experienced death of a parent. Wishing you the best through it all! 💝

    1. Thanks so much! I was telling a friend of mine that everyone has a turning point, it may not be like mine and that’s cool. But even in adversity we learn and move forward . All the best to you

  2. My turning point is when my husband died leaving me alone to raise my two boys . I gained strength and learned you need help from others

      1. No one is an island. You said it in perfectly. Having to lean on others is a sign of strength, knowing what you need it times of adversity.

  3. I have definitely had a few turning points in my life the last few years – and still having plenty of rainy days but they get better all the time. It is always inspiring to read encouraging messages like this one to remind myself that I am never alone in having struggles and we will come out stronger and better at the end of our adversities. Thank you for sharing ♥♥

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