Why I gotta handle it?

Heyy fam! My goodness! I’m sorry it’s been a minute since I’ve written. I shouldn’t have left you. But man its been so much going on. My husband has been doing therapy 2x a week and I’ve been driving 45 mins each way. But,if you don’t know already My husband is partially paralyzed so his therapy is going to help him to walk. So, I’ve been thinking about somethings…

So, I’m still a newlywed and I’m grateful to be married to a great and wonderful man. Hes the man I prayed for and I’m glad we are together. Something that I’ve also learned is sometimes I get irritated. At times when I’m cooking, and I’m asked to do something, I’m thinking man why I gotta handle this? Then, the attitude happens but I do it.

May 14,2021

The Other day I was thinking, when I became a wife that also means I’m a helpmate. I need to always be there for him. I realized that together we have everything we need. I’m his legs, his arms, and I’ve got to continue to show compassion.

So, In 2019 we had so much adversity. I was in a bad accident and so was he. I knew if we could make it out of that year that we would make it. Our first year as a Married Couple, we have also met a little adversity but we will make it. Marriage is a gift and I’m learning that love is a decision. I’m going to continue to honor my vows .

In life, if you ever ask yourself Can I handle this? Remember that you are made for this. You can do this. I believe that you are more than you think you are. Stay encouraged fam!

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  1. Your love is beautiful. Your love is a gift. I love your love story and how you both are walking together in life’s journey.

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