How to love yourself

Heyyy fam!! Boy this week has been whooo but I’ve been doing some thinking…as always. But one thing I was thinking about was love, no not the romantic kind but how do we love ourselves? Let’s talk!

So, please tell me one thing you love about yourself? But how to love yourself can be a difficult task, I remember as a child I was always told how beautiful I was, that I was a great child but at school I was told that I’m ugly, very dark, fat and I wore glasses…so eventually I started to believe what the kids said over what my mommy said.

So, how can you learn to love yourself?? Here’s some tips for you.

1. Stop negative self talk- that is talking down on yourself, you have internal discussions about how you aren’t this or that. Stop that! I’ve had to stop that myself. You are a wonderful person and you can accomplish anything.

2. Believe in yourself- I talked to someone that was once homeless but always knew he would be successful. Some people won’t understand you and that’s okay it’s not for them. But Believe in yourself! You are greatness. Believing in yourself doesn’t make you selfish but it does make you an overcomer.

3. Get to know yourself- In a relationship with people we spend time with them and learn about them, so why not do that with ourselves. Something I used to do was go on a day out with myself, go to a movie, go to my favorite restaurant and just chill with myself. We must know who we are.

At this stage of my life, I can honestly say that I truly live myself. Do I always have it together? Noooo but the good days outweigh the bad. I hope that if you don’t love yourself now that you will. You are a wonderful person and if no one else tells you then I will…I love you!

Be blessed!

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12 thoughts on “How to love yourself

  1. I’ve struggled with these things, but am working on getting better at them. And to answer your question: One thing I love about myself is my perseverance. No matter how many times I may fall, I always get back up.

    1. Well even in the midst of struggling you can hold on to what you know to be true about yourself…having perseverance is a very admirable trait. You will find more things you love about yourself

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