Does the past help us or hurt us?

Hey fam! I’ve been pondering on things…the past we can hold on to different things that we either learned from our parents, our friends and even strangers. You ever heard the saying, it takes a village to raise a child? Well, yes a village did raise me, and with that comes many lessons both positive and negative.

Well, coming from a single parent home my beautiful mommy was a full time student, full time mother, a singer, full time worker etc. My mother to me was Superwoman! Faster than a speeding bullet, could make meals in 10 mins flat. My mom is the definition of wonderful and strong. But as wonderful as my mother was, I learned so much from her. She was my biggest cheerleader, she taught me I could be whoever I wanted. If I wanted to be a teacher, she told me I could do it. I would have to work hard but it can be done. Now, since she worked full time and made ends meet for us, I was left with some of her friends. But at times with them I didn’t feel special or loved just there. I appreciated the time with mom more.

So, does the past hurt us or help us?? What have you learned?

Now that my mom has gone on…I still hold onto the lessons she taught me and have to continue to believe them. I’ve caught myself and said wow you so beautiful Renea…I’m not gonna sit here and say my past has been an ice cream social but without my past I may not be me…Those things even though they sometimes hurt and sometimes blessed me, they both were necessary.

Keep in mind that a garden needs both rain and sunshine for it to grow. I hope this blesses you.

Keep shining!

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10 thoughts on “Does the past help us or hurt us?

  1. True words! It’s hard to think, but even the negatives in our life teach us something. There is a valuable lesson to be learned in every experience, we just have to look and see it. Those positive experiences are super important in helping to develop a positive attitude, and skills. But the negative experiences are important, as well. The teach us to be strong, be empathetic, the list goes on and on.

  2. The hard, the negative, the dark, the rain…gave me true life. The strength needed to move through life knowing who I am and how important my roll is in this big world.

      1. Absolutely! Goonies never say die ☺️ Keep moving, keep growing, keep on keeping on.

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