Moving: The Final Frontier

Hey everyone I’m Renea and I want to talk to you about moving…let’s talk! Back in the day, when I was ready for a new start, and didn’t necessarily have the finances. I remember I would ask my friends to help me move, they would load up different things in their cars and would help me. Public service announcement, I don’t like to move since it’s a lot of work  and it makes me all sweaty, and it’s just not my cup of tea; but I also don’t like to stay in a place I have outgrown. Well, I  guess I can’t have it both ways. So, here starts our journey. So picture it, West Virginia 2020 in the midst of a pandemic….

Moving: Do I really have to? 

Well, when things started to progress in my relationship with my now husband; We talked about getting an apartment together. We also knew that the state we lived in wasn’t an option for us anymore. We needed to make our future together and start the process. 

  1. Since I already made a big move, my stuff was already downsized. FYI I loaded up my car and moved from Georgia to West Virginia, so yeah I’m no rookie lol.. 
  2. My  husband had to get rid of things(extremely tough) he’s a bit of a pack rat uh oh…7 years in his apartment= an eternity 
  3. We had to decide on who was going to move us.(argh!)
  4. We also had to decide on the cost…is an arm and a leg too much?

Things to Have in Order Before Moving 

  1. Changes of Address- Going down to the Post office and making sure our mail was going to the right address.
  2. Utilities set up- We moved into an apartment so we had to make sure our electricity and water was on at the new address.
  3. Utilities turned off at the old address.
  4. The signing of the lease or mortgage paperwork. 

Horror story!

So, it was days leading up to moving…I had told my apartment what day I was leaving ,my boyfriend did as well.. The utilities were to be cut off on a certain day, the utilities in our new place were cut on and everything was set…or was it? . The two week notice at my job was almost done and I was so excited for this new chapter but then something bad happened….The movers we selected had another move prior to us and were going to be late.  The time of our move got later and later. They were over a day late and more than a dollar short. 

They still had to load up my apartment and my boyfriend’s apartment..I still had to drive 4 plus hours to our new state in the dark…not cool! We moved from West Virginia to North Carolina, and after moving and then driving…yikes that was exhausting! Also, still having to drive 45 extra minutes to a hotel, that could accommodate my boyfriend who is partially paralyzed. That whole day and night was an adventure. But we made it on a wing and a prayer! Now here’s what happens next. 

Will The Pain Never End!

They didn’t deliver our furniture until the next day.. Boy oh boy!! So, we finally got moved in and I had a collective sigh of relief. Even though things went okay I sooo  wish that I had gone with a different company, so a friend of mine told me about Big Deahl’s Movers They help with everything and are located right in San Bernardino, Ca.  But they also help with commercial moving, like if you were moving to a new office. Rancho Cucamonga long distance movers

This company truly does it all. I wish I had their help when I moved. So, please give them a call for all of your moving needs.

So, with Big Deahl’s Moving Service they offer not only commercial moving and residential moving. They also offer Out of State Moving and do have the capabilities of doing International moving. I hope that you use them, and even if you need help with just labor only movers they can also help. Moving can be a stressful time but it can be great when you have an excellent company like Big Deahl Movers helping you. I want you to breathe and know that these tips will  be a blessing to you. Take one day at a time! Happy Moving!

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