Lessons of my rainy days

Heyyy! You guys I have been doing a spiritual boot camp for a few weeks and it’s been such a eye opening experience. It has challenged the things that I’ve been doing and where that comes from. The things that my parents taught me that were good and not so good. Interesting huh?

On yesterday I learned something that really hit me. I was raised by my mother, I had issues with my father for years. But on yesterday I was told that I treated relationships like projects, but he said that I’ve changed things for the past 5 years and that I learned that from my mother. But he also said that either my mom had passed on or I was taking care of her. That hit a soft spot since my mom has been gone for over 10 years. It was hard for me to say but he was right..ouch!

I was in relationships where I tried to emotionally support the guy, but I wanted to love and be loved. But the relationships ended because I wouldn’t do what they wanted and they weren’t willing to give it a chance.

But, the truth does hurt! I’m glad I’ve changed my thinking but it definitely hit a soft spot. Now that I’m married, my husband is definitely not a project. I’m not trying to change him, if he does then it will be for himself. People are not projects! They are simply people that need understanding, love and support.

This boot camp has really changed my life and it’s not even over yet..but in life there are going to be things we can do better. My parents did good by me, I’m not trying to be better than my parents. I can only be me!

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2 thoughts on “Lessons of my rainy days

  1. Thanks for sharing what you are learning! It is such an eye opening experience, when you realize that you can do things differently than your parents. I had that wake up a few years ago, and still struggle with feeling like I am doing things “wrong” when I do them differently. Its a journey for sure!

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