Interview with Elise Brooke

1. What is your name?

Elise Brooke, pen name Sheila

2. What is your blogging niche?

Author, writers, bloggers

3. So, what makes you like blogging? 

Being able to give hope, encouragement and inspiration to others

4. Tell me about yourself 


I have over 24 years’ experience as a writer, 5 years as a blogger and 3 years as a writing coach.  I have written and published two autobiographies in my book series “The New Zealand Dream,” by Sheila my pen name. I wrote these books to inspire and give hope to others. I use my pen name Sheila for my autobiography series.  I have published my third book this year July 2021, called “Johnathan,” I co-authored this book about my father growing up in Manchester England during the war.

My passion is creative writing, I write in in fiction, non-fiction, poetry and content.  I have published many articles, short stories and guest posted on various sites. My short story “Stargazing” won a short story award this year in our local “Writing Sparks” competition.

Writing is a very powerful healing tool, sharing your story can give help others and help yourself on your healing journey.  I am a writing coach who can help people write their own story and with any writing project they are creating.  I have mentored students working for Wellington polytechnic.  I also conduct interviews on my website to help promote my fellow writers and bloggers and host guest posting.

My website is

One can follow me on: Instagram mynewzealanddream

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5. How can we see your work? Website?

Please visit here 

6. What do you do outside of blogging? 

I write books, poetry, and am a writing coach.

I also enjoy photography and art.

7. How do you get your ideas for your blog?

I chose subjects related to my books, or that I am passionate about.

8. What are your hobbies ?

Photography, camping, being in nature and art 

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