Road Blocks

Heyyy everyone! Well it’s been awhile since I’ve written but I have not forgotten about you. Currently I’m on a semi vacation and it’s been a long day. But as I was driving, I saw so many things on the trip. We were rerouted various times, I wanted to get here a bit earlier but we got here a little later than I wanted to. Sound familiar?

The reason why I named this blog, this name is that my life has had many rainy days but everything has always worked out. Life is similar to a race, we all start at different times but we make it to our destination maybe not at the same time but we finish our race.

So, on our way on our trip we went through New York City! It was a first for me but boy those roads were small and the exits were definitely different. I was excited but also starting to get upset. When we finally got to the hotel and I finally got to stretch out and breathe, I thought how many times in life do we get upset over our road blocks?

Everything really is perfect, one of my favorite scriptures is Romans8:28 says that all things work together for the good of them who love God and who are the called according to his purpose. It may seem like you are in a road block but you aren’t. Things will continue to work out and every decision you make will lead you to your destiny.

I’m not perfect, I’ve made good and bad choices in my life and everything worked out. I truly appreciate the rainy days because it made me love the sunshine more and more. I want you to know that everything will work out for you. Stay encouraged fam!

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8 thoughts on “Road Blocks

  1. It takes faith in Jesus to walk with God every day. It takes trust to KNOW He orders our steps and we can trust Him even when we may get off course & through trials and storms. Thank you for sharing this post.

    Pastor Natalie

  2. I’ve definitely felt that pain too. Whenever I get those feelings, it tends to continue to build up until there is some kind of release. I recognized it in me just last week and when I get to my final destination, I was just thankful that I was able to get to my destination and did some mindful meditation.

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