Being grateful

Good morning fam!! Well today has been a wow day. I was on a call this morning that was so transforming. Do we really realize how important life is? Everyday we live is a gift but do we take it for granted?? Let’s talk.

When I was growing up, I always thought that my mother would live forever. I thought of her as Superwoman. But in her death, I realized that life is short, we must never take it for granted. But with that thought, it should change how we live our lives. When we go to bed every night we should go to bed empty because the gifts have been deposited in other people’s lives. We are here to make someone’s life easier.

In this season of our lives, it’s important that we don’t take life for granted. We must be grateful for what we have…when we are grateful it opens us up for more blessings.

There are so many things that we can’t leave undone. Tomorrow isn’t promised to us. But it’s important that we live our lives freely. So,on today how will you decide to live your life? Don’t just dream and have no goals with it. Dreams with goals produce fruit.

Life is too short to just live a ordinary life. Live a extraordinary life! Be blessed

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