What is life?

Heyy fam! In our apartment we have a spare room and I call it my writing lab. I love to come in here and write, create and even to just think. I’ve got my old school R&b playing and my mood is set. I remember seeing a quote that there are two dates that change everything in life. The day we were born and the day we find out why we were born. Interesting huh?

So, what is life?? Of course, I could say it’s only what you make of it, which is right but it’s an easy answer. Life while some parts are easy, other parts are not. Life is a series of questions and answers that we must seek for. I remember as a child I wondered if I could have a nice house, car and all those things; But, over the course of my life I’ve made decisions that say I still want that but I want more.

At a church I went to, I learned that no man is an island. We all need each other to survive. True we were born alone, but from our first minutes to the last, we depend on someone to help us. So, sorry to burst your bubble but we all need each other.

So how will we spend our lives? You remember those movies on Scrooge and how he didn’t like anyone but at the end, he was so sweet and he made a difference in others lives. I always thought him being generous and nice was sooo cool.

We can choose to show love to others not just during the holiday season but everyday can be Christmas if we decide. How we treat ourselves, others is a representation of how we feel about the person we are. Everything we do is a seed, and I love sowing great seeds. Am I perfect? Ohhh no I’m not but I’m striving that at the end of my life I’ve planted good seeds in others. I believe that the true meaning of Life is the seeds we deposit in others. So, what is life to you?

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6 thoughts on “What is life?

  1. Beautifully written. We are known by our fruit and leave an aroma wherever we go. It’s my passion to bring encouragement to as many as I can both in speech and in writing. I also understand the importance of saying and doing. We are an open book for others to read. Keep shining! 🔥✝️🙌🏻

    Pastor Natalie

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