Trying not to lose myself in the process

Heyyy heyy everyone! Today is such a great day and boy has it been busy! We are also in the last month of the year. I remember starting this year off as a woman planning to get married, and now I’ve been married going on 7 months! I love saying” my husband this or my husband that”. I’m excited to be in this new chapter.

So, in this beautiful picture, we are excited, happy and ready to get married. In these months I have realized so many things. When you get married and say those vows, their will be situations that arise where those vows you have spoken if you truly meant them or if it was just lip service.

Today, while we were at the doctors office and I looked at my husband and truly knew and understood how much I really love him. I knew that marriage would be an adventure and I’m blessed to be on this adventure with him. But also I must make sure that I don’t lose me in the process.

Family, I will admit that I will make sure my hubby has everything he needs, he never goes without and at times I leave my feelings, my needs at the door. Is this good?? Noo. I know I’m not the only one who does that.

I watched a movie years ago, and the woman said ” I’ve been too bust doing your stuff, that I’ve lost me” . Deep huh? But, I realize that my husband doesn’t want me to forget about myself. Also for real, I shouldn’t want to forget me. I love my hubby but I love me more and even when you are married it doesn’t mean that you abandon yourself. I can’t be a blessing without being blessed first. Keep that in mind fam! Be blessed

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8 thoughts on “Trying not to lose myself in the process

    1. What an amazing message! Thank you for that! So often us women take care of everybody and everything else but ourselves! May GOD continue to bless you and your husband Sunshine!

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