Showing Love

Heyyy fam! Well it’s the week of Christmas! I’m excited about it! This is my first Christmas with my husband and I’m pumped! As we are in this holiday season, we have bought gifts and made preparations for holiday feasts. But why do we do all this?

Love is so wonderful and it is very powerful. So how do you show love? As I think on so many Christmas memories and I had so many great times, but as I got older, the best gifts were never tangible but intangible. I was spoiled with so much love. My mother made me feel like I could do anything, and the love she showed me was huge.

Love is an action word, so don’t wait until the holidays to show it. But continue to show it all year round. Wanna know a secret?

I was having a conversation with the Mr, and I was saying that when you are with the right person everyday is Christmas, Valentines day. Mr was telling me that he loves getting gifts for me. I love doing things also for him.

But, it’s so important to show love, when we show it we never know the impact we have brought to someone’s life. We see so many things in this world. We see people who hate others for no reason, so why not show love. Love can be shown by just smiling, an encouraging word or even just opening the door for someone.

So how will you show love on today?

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2 thoughts on “Showing Love

  1. You’re right! We should be kind and show more love to not only the ones we love, but anyone really. Everyone deserves love 🙂

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