New blessings, New Doors

Heyyy fam! So many things I feel are changing in my life and it’s such a blessing. I remember when I was praying for the things I have now. Now they are reality instead of a prayer. As a kid writing was quiet in a world full of noise, after all these years I’m so glad I can still say the same thing. Writing gives me eo much peace and purpose. I feel that these words not only help me but help someone else.

If you remember, I was talking about doing a proofreading and editing business. In that I realized I was right and I was wrong. Even though I’m good at those things, I realize that I have always been a writer. Back when I said I want to write a book and have Steven Spielberg direct it. That was my dream at 13yrs old, and somehow I got away from that dream.

In the hustle and bustle of life, I quickly got away from wanting to write to wanting to become a Marriage and Family Therapist. I heard that hobbies were good but having a job/career was the goal. Don’t get me wrong I’m glad I have my degree, but I settled for something that didn’t feed me.

I realize that I’m a writer, that’s a huge part of who I am. So, I’m quitting doing the proofreading and editing and just sticking to the ghost writing. My dream is still to have my own book, but now I want to make a living at doing that.

So, that’s my truth…I’m a writer! What is your truth? We sacrifice our Dreams for convention. Will you step out and live your truth?

Be blessed!

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6 thoughts on “New blessings, New Doors

  1. Beautiful when we own our truth. I love this and I’m looking forward to hearing about all the blessings that are still waiting for you.

  2. I’m glad you’ve found your way back to doing the thing that is your true passion. I hope you get your story written!

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