Let’s take action

Hello Everyone! Happy Sunday! Sorry it’s been awhile, been ghostwriting books, taking care of home and its been an adventure. First, I want to say hi to the new followers! I’m so glad you are here. I hope you read something here that encourages you, helps you make it to the next level.

Well, today at church was wonderful. My pastor talked about, it’s time to take action. So what does that mean? Let me tell you a little secret, well not really a secret but a story. I love going to the gym. At the beginning of the year, the gym will be packed. But by the second week it will be back to normal. People either decide to do something else or they don’t want to sacrifice how they eat to live their dreams.

It’s my plan to release weight,but I can’t if I don’t try or want to change. Dreams without goals are just dreams. But I have to be willing to change things, and to follow through.

So what are your dreams?

I don’t want you to just exist, live your life. But you must take action. Don’t just talk about it but be about it. You would be surprised how many people would back you up when you decide to step out.

I still dream about being a great writer and I’m almost there. One day you will see my name in print. I’ve just gotta believe in myself..will you believe in yourself?

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