April 3, 2022


It’s funny the things that you learn with time. Here I am in my mid thirties starting to feel like my life is actually starting. Has anyone ever felt that way? I look at the different things I was doing just five years ago and it’s different. Five years ago It was 2017 and I had a job where I was getting state benefits. I lived in Georgia and even though I didn’t like GA, I stayed there until 2020.

Now, I work from home. I’m married, and I have you in my life to write to. My life before was good, now it’s great. I’m learning that I only live once so I might as well do what I am called to do and I found out that it’s writing. It’s my quiet place and I feel great once all the thoughts are out and I’m left feeling accomplished.

I remember thinking my mom must know everything and couldn’t believe when she told me that she didn’t know something. I’m learning that its okay not to know everything. Life is a quest and soon you will continue to learn as you go. But learning is so important. So what’s something you are learning?

In this thing called life, it’s important to never stop learning. Let’s continue to grow as well. Be blessed

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