April 5, 2022

Its almost here!

Well, soon I will have some information to share but I won’t yet. So hold on to your hats lol. So here we are it’s April and next month is out wedding anniversary. You know how people say time flies when you are having fun..they were telling the truth! We are what love looks like.

It’s deep to be in love and finally have someone that adds to you and doesn’t take away from you. I get to be myself and that’s silly,opinionated, honest and more. If I’m having a bad day his hugs and kisses make it all better. But here’s a secret I wanna share with you..I love my husband but I’m glad I learned how to love me first.

When you truly love yourself, you don’t take less and you respect yourself enough to wait for what you deserve. I hope that you find that great love in you before your spouse comes.

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