I love that word, victory. Everyday we see words like suffer, hardship, dedication but victory has a nice ring to it. One of the things I have been doing is going to the gym more. Hubby and I meet with the trainer a few days a week. It hurts, burns and I like it. I feel the weight release and my clothes are fitting better.

I realize that when you have victory in a situation it energizes you and helps you to keep going. I’m proud of my weight release thus far but I still have more work to do. More to conquer.

A few months ago I mentioned about a book I’m a coauthor on, it’s a devotional. I was excited for the opportunity and on last weekend I got my copies. I jumped up and ran to tell my husband and we celebrated together.

I was thinking “Yesss”, Victory!! It makes me want to push harder when you see those small victories. One day my name will be on the cover of a bestseller and I want it to bless others. My mom’s picture was on a magazine and I said to her “Mom, you are a celebrity.” So even though I’m not a celebrity, I feel like second generation to be published. I want to put the link for you guys to purchase it.

But, I want you to push even when adversity happens because on the other side is victory. I’m so excited for where I’m going. Greatness is in you, continue to exercise it!

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