What is the meaning of life?

I was listening to a call on today and it really interested me. So many times in the hustle and bustle of life we get lost on what we are supposed to do or why we are even here. I read somewhere that their are two dates we always remember, the day we were born and the day we found out why.

No I’m not saying how we got here, I think we all know how. It definitely wasn’t the stork lol. Years ago I used to work as a security officer at this carpet plant. The job was okay, but management was bad and the pay wasn’t the best. One of the things I loved was who I worked with and my truck drivers.

The lady I worked with was a sweet lady, one day I asked why am I here? She Said “You are here for me!” She told me she wouldn’t have made it if I wasn’t there. I was definitely cool with that. But then I thought hmmm I realized why I’m here.

We are here to be a blessing to others, to serve. When we serve we empty ourself and give to others. No it doesn’t always feel good but think about it. What roots have you put in someone’s life?

Each and everyone of our testimonies are to show others how they can make it out of their situation. We are meant to let our lights shine. Are you?

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