See you at work

I’ve got so much to be grateful for. I feel like I’ve got more things to do but when the blessings come it gives me fuel to keep going. I’m here in my mid thirties, on the brink of seeing more of my dreams come true. I can’t give up. See you at work.

It’s easy to just let life get by, and keep your head down and hustle. But when do you decide to be more? Have you decided that yet? When I was younger I wanted to go to college, get my masters degree and become a Marriage and Family Therapist. Have my own practice but retire at 65 and travel for the rest of my life. I did go to college, graduate with my Bachelors in Social science. I haven’t gone back for my Masters.

Now after living in the same financial situation for multiple years. I realized that I shouldn’t live from paycheck to paycheck. But I realized this after years of living from paycheck to paycheck. See you at work

It’s funny how I am constantly unlearning things so I can learn the right things. But in the acknowledging and action is where things change. I’m not meant to live in poverty so it’s time to come up. So what will you do? See you at work

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