Greetings fam! It’s been awhile but life has definitely been happening. One of the things I’m learning is what my purpose is. None of our lives are accidental. There is a purpose to our lives, some know and do it , while others don’t know and don’t care about it. Where do you lie?

My mom was a teacher, a music teacher at that. Education runs in my family. It got to the point where people asked me if I was going to be a teacher and I quickly said no, I wanted to go into therapy or counseling. I ran everytime someone said you seem like a teacher. I wanted to be my own person, have my own identity away from what people thought of me.

Funny huh? But I realized that teaching isn’t just in front of a classroom, but doing a video on Tiktok showing people how to believe in themselves or writing a blog. I’m doing a podcast and my husband and I are educating others about relationships and the challenges of it. We also shed light on the blessings of marriage and commitment.

So, what Is your purpose? You may say sis, I don’t know it. Well, think about what you enjoy or even what you feel like you are being pushed into. I would also suggest praying about it.

There is more to your life than just paying bills, and death. Live life and live it full! I’m walking in my purpose, will you?

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