Great day! One of my favorite movie quotes is ” The more things change, the more they stay the same. We smile but we are still longing”. I’m really excited about this week, aka Thursday because my birthday is coming up. It seems like every year around my birthday I get a little nostalgic. I find myself going back in time and seeing how far I’ve come.

One of the things I wanted to do as a kid was write, I wanted to write a book. Now, I’ve actually started my book and that feels great. For years it was just a dream, now it’s reality. It took some years for me to start doing my dream. I limited myself, and assumed that working in the social science field would be good, but it wasn’t my dream.

The thing that you love doing, that you wake up wanting to do should be your goal. Everytime I was sad or happy, I wanted to get my journal out and write. It gave me and still gives me so much peace.

In this past year I have made progress, but I’m still hungry for more. So, let’s talk about you. Are you growing or just saying in your mind, you need to wait until your ducks are all in a row?

Public Service Announcement: You will never do anything waiting for stuff to be perfect.

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