Well, drum roll. My birthday was last week. I’m officially a middle aged woman, it’s a blessing. I’m glad to be this age. You may ask well how old are you? I’m 37 now and some may say you old, some may say you young. I say I’m grateful to be here and I will see you at work.

So, my birthday was great! Hubby took me on a dinner cruise and we had a great day. My cute shoes did break so moment of silence for my cute wedge sandals….thank you lol

The second Part of my gift was my husband and I are in my hometown. So, it’s been great being home. It’s funny that I still call Akron home but I feel like this is where my story begins. I’ve been gone from Akron since 2006 but it will always be my hometown. So, we have been to the Rock n Roll hall of fame and my favorite The Pro Football Hall of Fame.

My mom went to the college here and I spent so much time up at the university so I wanted to poke around up there, I wanted my husband to see the University. So, I’m getting super nostalgic because I can remember being there with my mom as a young girl. Since mom has been gone for sometime , I really like going to the places we shared together.

So, we were going to take pictures in front of the music building and this lady offered to help my husband take a picture and he was talking about my mom graduating from there. The woman knew my mom! She looked at me and said yep I see your mom. My heart jumped! She invited us to a recital and we went. I stepped into the same room that my mommy did her recital umpteen years ago and I met one of my moms professors. She mentioned what a great student she was, and I remembered her last name and the paper mom had written.

My heart is full and I’ve been crying a bit. My mom has been gone now for 14 years and this is the first time coming home that this has happened, meeting people that knew her. My mom’s legacy continues to inspire others. What will our legacies say? I’m working on mine…are you?

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