Servant Wife

Everyday when I arise, I sometimes say ” one giant step for mankind.” I get up look over at my husband and get myself together. I remember when I lived alone and wondered at times when I would wake up to the love of my life. Now it’s here. I’m married now, wow!!!

Since I’m a wife now, when I get up I must make sure that my cup is now full. Meaning that I must have my time so that I can be a blessing to myself and others including my husband. As I do my workout, eventually play music and get cleaned up I start to think about what the day will bring or what I would like to happen. Getting my husband up is a intriguing task. I get him dressed, then put him up in the hoyer lift into his wheelchair and our day begins.

My husband doesn’t yet have the ability to walk, so it does take a certain amount of care and humility to not only be his wife but to be a caregiver. The roles of our relationship is different, however the things he can do he does well. My role as a wife, is I’m always in servant mode. Not just the cooking and cleaning but the emotional and physical needs that go with it.

Did you notice how I mentioned that everyday I must make sure my cup is full? Many of us have full plates, some of your lives may look differently than mine but you need to always be full. When we are empty we aren’t as effective as we need to be. Do something that helps you. If I didn’t do things for myself there is no way I would make it doing the things for my husband.

So what does this mean? I know you want to take over the world pinky but you won’t be able to if you don’t take care of you. Don’t just exist but thrive!!

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2 thoughts on “Servant Wife

  1. Just dropping in to say that I think you’re amazing and such an inspiration! This was a humbling read as sometimes I grow spiteful doing the serving jobs around my house as mother and wife. I am going to try to start doing something to “fill up”. Thank you for sharing!

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