What is it about that word that just makes us cringe? I think that word doesn’t sound as bad if we are talking about processing our hair. But what if I told you that going through a process isn’t bad but necessary. Would you agree or disagree with that?

I’ve been learning that when I start something, there is a process that must happen in order for it to be manifested. My mom said that books and doctors said I should walk at one years old. I had celebrated my first birthday and I hadn’t walked yet. I got up and walked the day after my first birthday. Process.

Ever since I’ve been a girl on the move. But many times we want what we want. For me, we’ve been doing our podcast every week and people have been listening but I’m ready to receive the monetization and it hasn’t happened yet. FYI here’s the podcast link. Win Some With The Linsoms . It’s a process.

Between the writing of my book, working on helping small businesses with grants, and legal services. I find that everything is a process. It doesn’t mean those goals won’t happen but it means when they do it will mean so much more to you.

In college, I took class after class but the goal was to get my degree. I had to work for it. It was a process. If I would’ve rushed it then I might have missed something I need and my exposure to the world wouldn’t have been as good as it should.

Don’t get down on yourself in this process. Yes you will win, your podcast will be monetized and everything you are working on will bring great fruit. Some people who truly don’t want success die in the process. But you will continue to win because you became a champion in the process.

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