My goals and dreams

It seems like it was just yesterday that I was a kid. I went to school and everyday I would race home so I could watch Batman the animated series. Then I had to watch Power Rangers. Yes I’m definitely aging myself. One day my 7th grade teacher gave us an assignment.

She told us to write down a timeline for our lives. I came home and told my mommy the assignment and she said ” Well we need to go all out in this assignment.” We went and got a huge poster board and I wrote my timeline.

I had the date I was born and all of the details for my thirteen year old existence, but I had a bunch of goals for how I wanted my life to look like as I got older. After I graduated middle school and went to high school I went back and looked at my timeline. The high school I wanted to go to I didn’t get in to. I said I wanted to go to post secondary and have two years of college under my belt by the time I graduated high school. I didn’t. Whoops.

So, where am I today? When I turned 18, I went to college and got my degree. That goal took four years to complete but I refused to give up until I got my degree.

Now I’m at this beautiful age of thirty-seven and I have so many goals and dreams. I used to want to get my masters degree but now not so much. I aspire to have my writing business, vlogs, podcast, social media influencer and to help others live their dreams.

There is a quote that says ” Dreams without goals are just dreams and they will eventually fuel disappointment ”

Denzel Washington

I want to shine my light in this world, funny enough though one of the dreams I wrote on my timeline hasn’t happened yet. I said I wanted to write a book and Steven Spielberg would direct the movie. Will I still have him direct my movie? Most definitely. I’m still a huge fan.

There will be people that may be threatened by your dreams and goals but believe in yourself. Start putting your goals into action. So what are your dreams? Continue to believe in yourself and watch your dreams manifest!

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